If you are looking for the best audio/video installation company in Shreveport-Bossier, look no further. Sound Minds specializes in everything home theater from sound systems, home theater systems, and home automation. Our experience in audio/video installation and product knowledge complement our core values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. High end audio visual requires high end service.


Add music to your environment. Background music is a great way to set the mood for a party and creates a more enjoyable living space. We also offer solutions to create a completely digital music library that can be accessed from anywhere in your home. This totally new concept provides a means of organizing, filing and sharing your digital music as well as giving you the freedom to listen to your digital music where it sounds the best – in your home.


Protect your home and deter intruders with a home surveillance system. Sound Minds installs HD camera systems for the best picture quality.


A home network saves you time and money. Share equipment, connections and files within your home. Sound Minds installs enterprise grade wifi systems to ensure you have a full signal throughout your home and building.


Sound Minds custom designs home theater systems from the top of the line with fiber optic ceilings and acoustical treatments to basic surround sound game rooms. Sound Minds offers you a visually elegant Home Theater environment of premium acoustic performance.


Hide your speakers and create a cleaner look with an in-wall speaker system. We carry a variety of systems suited for a range of environments.


Installing advanced wiring is one of the wisest and most economical home improvements you can make. An infrastructure to support voice, video, audio and data services for the entire family delivers immediate benefits for today’s technology. It also prepares a home for future products and services.


At the touch of a button your home automation system can create your perfect lighting, sound and environment situation. Open curtains, light the fireplace, play music and much more. Choose from a wireless automation system that avoids potential damage to walls of historic, and other fine homes, or have us install a hard-wired system. Our systems integrate with a variety of audio/video, security, climate control, and other systems. Functionality, reliability, simplicity, flexibility, and affordability are all available with our systems. The only real decision is two-wire, or not to wire.

  • Customize your home automation experience with gorgeous touch screen interfaces, customizable menus and trim options.
  • Advance to a new level with automation remotes. Each button can control anything connected to the system and individual button programming can automatically change from room to room.
  • Web-interfaces allow you to securely view the status of your home and even change timed events and scenes that have been programmed.
  • Enjoy safety and security. As you move around the house, motion sensors anticipate your movements and create a pathway of light.


Protect your equipment and environment with surge protection. Every year people loose thousands of dollars on equipment because they were not prepared for an electrical surge. We can install a system to arrest power surges at or near the point where electric power, telephone and cable or satellite TV services enter your home – protecting all three utilities, and all inside outlets from allowing a surge access to your home electronics. Unless your home is protected, a power surge could burn up your big screen, destroy your DVD player and hard drive in the blink of an eye.


One critical component often overlooked is room acoustics. Even the finest audio components do not perform properly in a room suffering from flutter echoes, harsh reflections and low frequency anomalies. We offer sound isolation products designed to deaden noise and isolate the sound source to the area where it originates.